Commercial Conditions


  1. The sales prices of GONDOÁFRICA are available for consultation in our stores, or in the reserved area of our website;
  2. GONDOÁFRICA reserves the right to change prices without notice.



GONDOÁFRICA reserves the right of approval or rejection of a recall and/or replacement in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Deadline for submission of the return and/or replacement – 8 days;
  2. Of the goods we sells, GONDOÁFRICA will not accept returns and/or replacements of the following products:
    a) spark plugs and bulbs;
    b) lubricants;
    c) car-care products;
    d) all electrical products;
    e) tools;
  3. The packaging of the products to return and/or replace must be in perfect condition;
  4. The target product for return and/or replacement may not have been used or applied, and their conservation status must be perfect.


Current Account

  1. The application for opening a current account must be made by the person in charge of each of the stores, and will need to comply with internal requirements to be granted;
  2. Until the decision of granting or not granting the current account, the client is obliged to settle the purchase on delivery of the material;
  3. The maximum period for the granting of credit granted are 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice;
  4. In case of default of payment, within the time limits referred to above, GONDOÁFRICA reserves the right to cut the supply of material, until the arrears are settled values.
  5. In the event of non-compliance, GONDOÁFRICA reserves the right to change the terms of customer’s commercial result, without having to give notice of its change.


Delivery and Transportation of Goods

  1. The delivery of goods shall be carried out in one of the branches of GONDOÁFRICA;
  2. The parcel delivery at the address of the customer will be subject to shipping;
  3. Responsibility for the order ceases to be of GONDOÁFRICA, as soon as the customer accepts delivery, or the transportation company referred to by the client takes charge. In this way, the disappearance of an order, whole or in part, in the course of transportation is the full responsibility of the Final Customer.



  1. GONDOÁFRICA will comply with the provisions of the legislation.